About us

Studem - Step Up for Democracy

STUDEM is a project that aims to strengthen democracy among young people in Balti, by setting up and coordinating student councils. This project, which is in agreement with the local youth organization CREEDD and Silba, aims to strengthen the general democracy of Moldova by creating democratic habits for young people.

Working with young people aged between 16 and 35, the project developed a forum for young people to express their opinions, but also to learn about democratic practices and processes. This strategy is a learning process that informs young people about democratic principles based on communication, responsibility and cooperation. They learn not only about the structural composition of decision-making entities and institutions, but at the same time they are trained in budgeting, leadership, social entrepreneurship and inclusiveness. The project, as a whole, is based on voluntarism, equality and transparency, in order to create a stable and strong democratic perception among young people.

The project was launched in 2016, when the project group was set up and project planning work was initiated, but also a series of youth councils were created. In the meantime, several training sessions have been held to help young people understand democratic processes and how to build their own influence. A long-term goal is also to help build a relationship between youth councils, which participated in a series of events that began in November 2018.

The daily organization of the project is carried out by a group of coordinators from Bălţi of the CREEDD organization and Danish coordinators from Silba. These coordinators, in turn, are grouped, being responsible for a certain field, so that each aspect of the project is monitored by a team member. This is done to ensure that the project remains a common work, but also that the project itself meets some skills, where young Moldovan and Danish participants learn from each other.


Project members from Denmark